Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Vision for the Future

There's an interesting model of downtown SF at SPUR's new building on Mission Street. The model shows the proposed or approved new development in the Transbay and Rincon Hill areas.

But upon closer inspection, the elevated freeway to and from the Bay Bridge has been removed Southwest of 4th Street. Now that's 'urban renewal' I can get behind!


Anonymous said...

Were you at the WalkSF meeting last night?

Pedestrianist said...

Indeed I was :-)

Anonymous said...

If I would have known. Keep up the good work.

Could you at some point touch on Prop D? I'd love a little bit more insight.

Pedestrianist said...

I have to ask what's your name, Anonymous? :-)

I don't particularly feel like Prop D would have much of an impact on the lives of pedestrians, or at least on their pedestrianism per se.

If you or anyone else has thoughts on it, however, feel free to put them out here in the comments. I might make a summary post to encourage further dialogue if the conversation is productive.

Anonymous said...

Name is Mike. I sat in the back of the meeting with my wife. I comment on streetsblog as mikesonn.

Pedestrianist said...

Well hey, Mike, thanks for reading!

Since you were at the Walk SF meeting, you heard both sides of Prop D. If you have any thoughts let me know. I appreciate your comments on SB, so I'm glad to have your eyes over here as well.