Tuesday, October 13, 2009

SFMTA Releases Overdue Parking Meter Study

Streetsblog has a great writeup of the report, which is overdue by a couple months. My favorite part:
When pressed whether the MTA Board would stand up to Mayor Gavin Newsom if it believed extending meter hours was better for the MTA and the city, [MTA Board Chairman Tom] Nolan admitted the board hadn't opposed the mayor "really in much of anything." But, he added, "We keep turning down revenue options, if it's not going to be on the revenue side, it's going to be on the service side." -Matthew Roth
I can almost hear Tom Radulovich gently reminding him that the City Charter requires him and his colleagues to "diligently seek new revenue sources" for the MTA.

The SFMTA will discuss this study at its upcoming meeting on Tuesday, October 20th at 2pm. If you can, you should absolutely attend and let the MTA know you support the fair parking meter prices this study recommends.


Anonymous said...

They should frame this in the way that shows how increasing turn over will help small business. And that extending evening hours will keep residential parking out of commercial zones until after businesses close.


Pedestrianist said...

Indeed. And I believe that's how the study itself frames it - which is to say that's what the study concludes is true, as opposed to what is politically flammable.

There's more to be said about this, obviously, and plenty of it ought to be said on Tuesday at 2pm, room 400 of City Hall