Thursday, May 14, 2009

Where's Gavin?

The N-Judah Chronicles has a letter from an anonymous group of Muni riders announcing my kind of contest.

The first person to take a picture of our Spokesmayor actually, you know, riding Muni wins a free Fast Pass. Everyone else who snaps a real photo gets a free round of drinks!

Visit for details, announcement letter after the jump.

Dear Sir or Madam,

As riders of the San Francisco Municipal Railway (buses and trains), we were very disappointed that Mayor Newsom decided to push through a Muni budget that will cut routes and balance the budget on the backs of transit riders instead of making everyone share the burden. We don't think that Gavin actually gets it on transit or gets on transit, contrary to the comment in the Chronicle that said he goes incognito.

We'd like him to ride more, perhaps to get a feeling for what riders go through even on days when the budget hasn't been cut. As kind of a push to get him to take more transit, incognito or otherwise we started this page. It's basically a contest: be the first to get a picture of Mayor Newsom on Muni incognito (other than a cable car) and we'll buy that person's fast pass for the month after they win. We think its a pretty good incentive, especially in these tough economic times. We're also going to buy some beers for everyone else that brings in a photo at the end of the run. We hope you can help us in our quest.

Where's Gavin?

PS: We wish to remain anonymous as long as Gavin remains incognito on Muni vehicles

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