Saturday, May 2, 2009

Urge Your Supervisor to Reject the Flawed SFMTA Budget

The SFMTA's proposed budget includes $23,100,000 in increased financial costs to riders in addition to service cuts. The consensus among the riding public is that this budget must be rejected.

The SF Bay Guardian points out that raising fares and cutting service could actually increase the deficit next year.

Beyond Chron notes that the service cuts and fare increases are disproportionally skewed to hurt the lowest income riders.

Streetsblog SF is appalled that the SFMTA board rejected a $9,000,000 increase in revenue because it would have meant more parking enforcement, calling it a missed opportunity to avoid cuts in service.

The Board of Supervisors has final say over the SFMTA budget. They cannot make any changes, but they vote to accept or reject the entire thing. It will take seven 'no' votes will send the matter back to the SFMTA board, something that has never been done in the decade since this process was created.

But this year it needs to happen, which means your Supervisor needs to know how you feel. Contact your member of the Board using the information on this page. Don't be afraid to call and email. If you're not sure which district you're in, consult the interactive map here.

Tell your representative that the unprecedented step of rejecting Muni's budget is necessary to avoid financial hardship, breakdown in service and the possible downward spiral of ridership and revenue.

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