Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pedestrian Plazas: Next in Line:

With the successful construction and opening of the Castro pedestrian plaza under their belts, DPW and the "Pavement to Parks" program is already looking ahead to its next projects. Meet the next three plaza locations after the jump

Wolf's Cafe at 8th Street and 16th Street

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A block of Naples Street (soon to be called Naples Green) in the Excelsior

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Guerrero Street and San Jose Avenue in lower Noe Valley

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Consider these the 'Before' pictures.

Is there a section of road in your hood that ought to become pedestrian space? Post it in the comments.


gillian said...

San Jose/Guerrero & 28th is either South West Mission, Outer Mission or "La Lengua" (courtesy of Burrito Justice). It's south of Chavez and south of St. Luke's.

Tamagosan said...

More plazas, yes! FYI, gillian, Outer Mission is a neighborhood sandwiched between Crocker-Amazon and Oceanview, just south of Mission Terrace. San Jose Ave is the border between Noe Valley and a tiny part of (Inner) Mission. A block further east and you've got the beginning of Bernal Heights, so there's some crazy convergence going on there for sure!

Tamagosan said...

That said, I'm all for La Lengua!!