Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Street Closing Fever

It seems like converting streets into pedestrian plazas and parks is the hot new thing in SF. Ever since Streetsblog reported the potential closures in the Castro and North Beach, residents of other neighborhoods have gotten the bug to identify streets in their parts of town that could use the same treatment.

The other day I nominated the two blocks of Treat Ave on either side of 16th for plaza/park conversion.

Yesterday, local hipster blog Burrito Justice posted a proposal to close the last block of Valencia Street, between Mission and C. Chav. (discovered via MissionMission). BJ's plan would be part of an ongoing plan to rebuild St. Luke's hospital.

While both Mission District street closures have some drawbacks that would need to be addressed (emergency vehicle access in St. Luke's case) I believe both streets are underused as vehicle rights of way, and both are in park-poor areas of town with high population density. Both should be seriously considered.

Which street in your hood would make more sense as a park or pedestrian plaza?

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