Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Quote of the Day

From the dreamy Steven T. Jones at the Bay Guardian:
Rob, despite what you and others (even within the bike community) have said, it wasn't completely irrational to put forward the notion that the Bike Plan should have been exempt from detailed, two-year environmental review. There's no doubt that facilitating safe bicycling improves the environment, and there's nothing in CEQA that gives priority to automobiles. A judge didn't agree that the EIR could be waived, deciding to broaden the reach of CEQA to include bike plans for the first time, but the EIR has now supported the city's original assumption. After all these long and expensive legal and bureaucratic delays, we're essentially where we were three years ago, albeit with environmental documents that should allow us to move faster than we were able to then. All your lawsuit accomplished, Rob, was to delay the plan and force taxpayers to spend millions of dollars more on it than they otherwise would have.

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