Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Charleston Reports Improvement After Restoring Two-Way Traffic

The Charleston Post and Courier reports that the quality of life on a couple of streets that were converted from one-way expressways to two-way streets has improved.
[Mayor Joe] Riley said he doesn't feel any sense of delay driving down Beaufain or Wentworth streets these days —streets the city changed to two-way traffic a few years ago. "Actually, it (going a little slower) is more pleasant because you don't have to worry about someone passing you and them mentally thinking they are on some big arterial highway," he said. -The Post and Courier
The city of Charleston is expanding on that success by moving forward to convert two busier streets to two-way traffic this fall.
During the past 15 years, City Hall has favored those who live and work on a street over those who simply drive along it. -The Post and Courier
The SFMTA should take note. The Northeast corner of San Francisco lives and work under the burden of one-way streets that are the most dangerous in the city. In my opinion there isn't a single one that couldn't benefit from a yellow stripe down the middle.

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Dave said...

It is amazing how difficult it is to get streets converted back to two-ways... hopefully more cities will continue to see them converted back to two-way.