Friday, January 7, 2011

Sunday Streets 2011 Events Lineup Announced

Like earthquakes and breakups, we find out about this via Facebook:
3/20 Embarcadero
4/10 Great Highway
5/8 Mission
6/12: Bayview
7/10: Great Highway
8/14: Civic Center/Tenderloin
9/11: Western Addition
10/?; Mission
The specific routes aren't up on their website just yet, but we can probably expect them to be just about the same as last year, albeit in a different order to spread out the risk of inclement weather.


Alai said...

I would love to see one in the Inner Richmond or Sunset. My favorite part is being in the actual city and experiencing it in a different way, which is not something you get in the park/great highway.

Pedestrianist said...

It looks like this year the closest you'll get is the Panhandle/Western Addition, but I think your suggestion sounds great. If you live out there you should start sweet-talking your neighbors into supporting it; I'm sure the Sunday Streets peeps would go for it in an instant if they knew there was support.