Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Dear God this is frightening.

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MB94128 said...

If this were on display at a planning meeting my initial comment would be "Zit city." When asked to explain I would respond "Those structures look like a line of pimples on the lower jaw of the face of the city."

The only time a string of garages makes sense is when they fill in a vertical terrain gap (e.g. Stockton St. Garage in San Francisco). Also, those garages should be made with the usual amenities : ground floor retail, set-backs, planters on the ribs (for a Hanging Garden effect), and a roof-top plaza / park. A side benefit would be signage for wheelchair users guiding them to the elevators so that they can go up or down easily instead of having to go around.

Sutter + Stockton to Bush + Stockton
1) Sutter -> Grant -> Bush -> Stockton = three (3) blocks
2) Into garage, up elevator, out onto Bush a few feet from Stockton = just over a block