Saturday, September 5, 2009

Preview the New Showplace/Potrero Hill Plaza

I hope everyone's enjoying their big car-free weekend!

I took a minute to check out the progress on SF's next Pavement to Parks pedestrian plaza at 16th and 8th streets. Work on what the Planning Dept calls 'Showplace Triangle' is ongoing, but one can already get a sense of the final product.

Some pics and descriptions after the jump.

Like the other new temporary plazas, the space uses donated materials or materials the city already had on hand to calm traffic, provide seating and space for people, and add greenery. The emerging Showplace Triangle design more closely resembles the Mason Street plaza in North Beach, however, than it does the Castro plaza.

Showplace Triangle uses (large!) clay sewer pipes as planters/bollards, separating the pedestrian space from cars. This is a large improvement along 16th street, where there is no sidewalk alongside Wolfe's Cafe.

The same granite curbs that serve as benches at Castro form large planter beds at Showplace. These beds hold sod, forming elevated lawns that will make great places to sit and eat lunch from the two cafes that abut the site.

Debris boxes normally used for construction garbage hold poplar trees and various shrubs. These large landscaping elements are well suited for the wide open space, and I look forward to seeing how people use the various corners of our newest public pedestrian place.

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Jamison said...

I visited Guerrero Park, the other plaza under construction yesterday and it's coming along nicely.