Friday, September 25, 2009

9X becomes 11X

According to the Ex, Muni is slightly rerouting the last bit of the 9X to touch down in the sliver of Daly City near the Cow Palace. And with that change, they're going to call it the 11X.

Not sure why the designation change was necessary, but this extra extension makes a lot of sense for this heavily-used downtown feeder express. The new terminus at Geneva and Schwerin streets is technically in Daly City, but that's something of an arbitrary distinction in this part of town. In addition to the operational improvements that the Examiner article mentions, the extra few-block-jaunt will connect downtown SF to a new pool of residents near the Cow Palace.

Of course, it only makes perfect sense for the T-Third to be extended past this stop and down Geneva to the Balboa Park-plex. But this is a small step in the right direction, all the same.


Jamison said...

The designation change came about from customer feedback and interviews. I asked the same question of SFMTA's Julie Kirschbaum a few weeks ago when she made a presentation on the upcoming service changes. Julie was recruited over from the TA to head up the Transit Effectiveness Project, and is trying to leverage everything learned through that years long top to bottom study of how to make Muni service work. The 9 and 9X/AX/BX are different enough that some of riders they interviewed found it confusing that the shared the same number. Plus there is the 9L being added which would have made it 5 lines with the same number.

Pedestrianist said...

God bless you, Jamison, for being the font of knowledge that you are :-)