Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What is a Liveable Street?

Carly Clark and Aaron Naparstek of the Liveable Sreets Initiative (the folks behind Streetsblog) have a great piece in Good magazine that eloquently explains the concept of a complete street.


Kimo C said...

There is no contact email on your blog!! - so I comment with this story:

$6.2 Mi For 311 Too Pricey For MTA, They Pimp 511

every Municentric call to 311 costs Muni $1.96

Pedestrianist said...

Commenting is strongly encouraged! :-)

But I think you meant to post this below my previous post.

That's a good story and a great point, but remember that it's unprecedented for 311 to charge Muni for the service (and I'd bet they don't charge DPT for every report of a leaky hydrant).

The entire city is feeling the squeeze of a $500M+ budget deficit, but the question is: which department is absorbing the cuts and which is passing the buck?

Kimo C said...

I meant to post on any open comment because you don't have a way to send information - please create an anonymous email account and show the address on the blog for people to submit info.