Sunday, April 12, 2009

No Really, We Care About Your Opinion

The Chronicle Comical published a letter to the Editor today by Virginia Newhall of Greenbrae.
Compared with other cities around the world, Muni's fares have been too low for a long time, but neither Newsom nor his colleagues on the MTA has mustered the political courage to initiate an increase until now, when necessity demands. -SF Chronicle
Newhall apparently forgets about the two fare increases we had four and five years ago. One assumes from her tone she would like to see Muni's budget woes solved at the expense of its riders yet again. One also assumes that her opinion is based on the fact that she's from Marin and therefore is not one of the afore-mentioned riders. Lastly, one assumes that she feels the work orders responsible for $80M of Muni's budget deficit are the "necessity" that demands that action.

Ms. Newhall's thoughtful contribution to the debate not withstanding, one wonders what happened to the Doyle Drive fare proposal.

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