Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tear Down This Wall

In a thinly-veiled attempt to make me love it, the Transbay Blog has a great article on how to get rid of the Central Skyway. That makes the Transbay Blog the latest voice calling for San Francisco to finish the good job it started when we knocked down the elevated structure North of Market Street.

I've called for this, and Streetsblog SF reported that the MTA has agreed to consider studying alternatives to the elevated skyway at the urging of superheroesque Tom Radulovich. Well, Transbay blog has an alternative worth considering.

I've got my own fantasy map that I'm working on polishing up, and I'm sure there are smart folks out there with their own great ideas for this miserable waste of space.

This is an issue that's important to me, and I hope it takes off!


JefferyK said...

If you live remotely near Octavia Boulevard -- and I live half a block away -- you wouldn't use the term "blossomed." The intersections are dangerous to walk across, the lights aren't long enough to enable you to cross the entire way before getting a red, the boulevard is noisy, the car drivers constantly speed. It is hellish and much worse than when the traffic was overhead.

Pedestrianist said...

I'm not the biggest fan of Octavia Blvd and I'd argue loudly for any replacement of the remaining CF to learn Octavia's lessons, and overly-wide intersections are high on my list of such lessons.

But I disagree that it's worse than what was there before, or what is currently along Division/13th/Duboce.