Sunday, April 12, 2009

Make Up Your Mind

At $1.96 per call, should Muni really be encouraging folks to call 311? What's more, the message refers riders to 311 for questions about the MTA budget and its impacts on service...


Scott Blanks said...

Hey there,

First, I've been following and enjoying your quite informative emissions for a few months now. Thank you for providing a reasonable and intelligent voice in the arena of public transportation, the primary lifeblood that nourishes my independent movement.

Just saw the most recent post regarding $1.96 per 311 contact. Is this the cost incurred by the department for each incoming call? I hope it isn't the cost to individuals who choose to make a phone call. If so, my employer might be a bit miffed with me.

Pedestrianist said...

It's sort of a made-up number, but don't worry, you don't have to pay it (directly at least).

It's the amount of money that 311 is charging the SFMTA for Muni-related calls divided by the number of Muni-related calls.

The MTA will be paying 311 $1.96 for each of those calls. It's sort of like if you launched a Movie Phone-type service them sent a bill to movie theaters to cover your costs :-/