Monday, December 22, 2008

CVC 22500(f)

No person shall stop, park, or leave standing any vehicle whether attended or unattended, except when necessary to avoid conflict with other traffic or in compliance with the directions of a peace officer or official traffic control device, in any of the following places:

(f) On any portion of a sidewalk, or with the body of the vehicle extending over any portion of a sidewalk, except electric carts when authorized by local ordinance, as specified in Section 21114.5. Lights, mirrors, or devices that are required to be mounted upon a vehicle under this code may extend from the body of the vehicle over the sidewalk to a distance of not more than 10 inches.

To report sidewalk parking in SF, call DPT at (415) 553-1200
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Carleigh said...

Thank you. Thank you. Our block has already improved (well, psychosematically anyway, since we're feeling more proactive and involved).

Anonymous said...

Walking around a parked car? Ridiculous! How on earth could a ped do that? Not in my city! Fight for injustice!

Pedestrianist said...

Thanks, Anonymous. We will.

Anonymous said...

F##k the parking cops! My neighbor has a grudge against me. My wife is a paraplegic, and I have to extend my bumper out from my driveway to unload her and CARRY her up the stairs to my house. This particular day, she messed herself while I was carrying her up the stairs. I had to clean her and myself up, and di not get back out right away to pull my truck in,
Sure enough the lady who hates me called parking control (This lady baby sits several parking officers children and is friends with them)
and 26 minutes later I had a ticket.
Oh and by the way I measured it, and my bumper was a HUGE ten inches onto the sidewalk. These people should all rot in hell, and all thier children should become quadraplegics so they know the s##t
I have to endure.

Anonymous said...

F*ck all parking cops they should all be f*ckin killed

Anonymous said...

Will you have my incoming caller id recorded even i dont have to give out my name and phone number if i report driveway blocking?

Uzma Mir said...

Hi there! Nice post! Please tell us when I will see a follow up!

Anonymous said...

I'm having this issue within my HOA. They believe that they are 1) Above the law and 2) That City, State and Federal law does not apply to them. They also are inhuman and do not believe that they need to do anything to assist the disabled.

Anonymous said...

Barden vs. Sacramento Lawsuit ruled that sidewalks are facilities and that ADA applies! CVC 22500 (f)

Katrina Kaif said...

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