Monday, March 14, 2011

Mayor Rides Public Transit

No, not our short-termed former Mayor, who famously never took a bus without a newsmedia photographer there to document it.

MYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg actually rides the Subway every day.  So maybe it shouldn't come as a surprise that he rode BART on the way in from SFO to meet our interim mayor Ed Lee (who, it seems, met him at the BART station - Civic Center, I presume).

I'd love to hear his thoughts on the ride.

UPDATE BART TV has a little video of the ride:


jim said...

Gav used to ride cable cars by himself whilst wearing sweats and a baseball cap as a sort of disguise. That's his claim, anyway. Seems credible...

Pedestrianist said...


Seems credible until you consider the source ;-)

djan said...

plausible. great idea for public officials. props for bloomberg. someday, seeing our public officials will be normal and only a good morning/afternoon/evening will be needed instead of taking pictures with our camera phones (lame & awkward).