Tuesday, November 9, 2010

SFist gets it right on Prop L

In a summary of SF Appeal's post-mortem analysis of Prop L, SFist juxtaposes a story on last week's successful  measure to pass a Sit/Lie law - ostensibly to protect pedestrians on our city's sidewalks - with a photo of one of the more common and real threats to walking life.

While the get-off-our-lawn set is celebrating the passage of a law that will never be used to improve SF's pedestrian realm, hundreds of thousands of people are dodging the illegally parked cars and ever-proliferating curb cuts that really are lowering the quality of life.  Well done, SFist.

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Tamagosan said...

AMEN. I'm not a regular reader of SFist, so very much appreciate being peeped to the latest and greatest from fine blogs such as yours.

I'm currently on Guam for a spell, where the visitor brochure said something like "you may be tempted to walk or bike on our beautiful island, but don't give in to temptation, it's really dangerous". Then one sentence about the public trans "system" (makes MUNI look like Zurich) and a whole page about cars. Awesome. I'll try to PDF it to my blog b/c it's too ridic not to share...