Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our Muni

I'm writing this on an inbound M car, stopped in between Civic Center and Powell stations.  It's stopped here because of unspecified "mechanical problems."  While the doors were open, back at Civic Center, the operator encouraged everyone to get out and take a bus or streetcar down Market to their destinations.

By my count this is the third delay caused by 'mechanical problems' in as many weeks - and that doesn't count the residual delays that linger after the 'problems' are fixed.

After the operator made his announcement, most of the people on this car took his advice and left; a pretty apt metaphor for a system that's seen its readership shrink significantly in the last few years along with its budget.

Is this what we want for our Muni?  Or do we want to invest in a system that actually meets San Francisco's transportation needs?

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