Friday, August 6, 2010

Sunday Streets Announces "Central City" Route

Again via the Sunday Streets Facebook page, we have word of October's Sunday Streets route, from Civic Center through the Tenderloin!  From Civic Center Plaza up Polk Street to Ellis and O'Farrell, then down Leavenworth and Jones, this route opens up a tight cluster of street spaces in San Francisco's densest residential neighborhood.  For many this will be a great chance to see the TL for the first time, and for the thousands of people who live nearby, it will be a welcome respite from the traffic sewers that burden this neighborhood.

Click through the image above for a closer look - I'll see you all there!

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transbay said...

Thanks for posting this. I've especially been looking forward to this route because it promises to bring visitors to a part of town they might otherwise skip. For my own part, it will be nice for a change to be able to walk to Sunday Streets instead of taking Muni.