Tuesday, May 25, 2010

No, Parking

A couple months ago I wrote about new parking meters the city had installed along Brannan Street between 7th and 8th. 20 or so new revenue-generating parking meters is a small, but good development. Even smaller but very puzzling is the absence of meters at two spaces in front of a perennially for-lease building.

These two spaces are in front of roll-up doors that bear stenciled 'NO PARKING' signs and curb cuts. Naturally, these are driveways. Hence, no parking meters, right? Not so. Immediately behind the roll-up doors is a plate glass window.

DPT is losing revenue from meters it never installed at these two parking spaces. And it's likely being called to enforce those bright white 'NO PARKING' signs. All so two people can park for free on our streets. Nice.

This makes a strong case for ending the curb cut free-for-all.

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