Friday, February 19, 2010

More! Free! Parking!

Downtown Houston in the late 1980s, via The Overhead Wire

Many cities in America did it for office buildings in the '70s and '80s. If San Francisco does it, it will certainly be for condo parking.

Recent moves by the BOS to curb (to cut? to cut curb cuts?) the incessant expansion of parking in this city are certainly to be commended, but are we moving quickly and decisively enough?

While we deliberate on watered-down parking restrictions, new massive buildings are approved with greater than 1:1 parking ratios. The planning department recently upzoned the area around Market and Van Ness, ostensibly to create an opportunity for more transit-oriented development along the Market Street subway. Does anyone think the new buildings there will have below a 1:1 parking ratio - despite being literally on top of a subway station - given that our decision makers have never met a conditional use they couldn't approve?

Where the hell will all those cars go when they leave their garages?

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